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Picture books & story boxes with characters from around the world celebrating diversity
Worldwide Buddies is a series of fictional, educational picture books with characters from different countries. Through the stories, little ones are introduced to the diverse realities and wonders of the world, helping them learn different perspectives, and imagine a more beautifully complex world. Each story is lovingly created to take children through an unforgettable adventure, discover and learn, identify with the characters, giggle with their friends and laugh with their hearts.

Worldwide Buddies story books are available individually or as part of a story box, with additional crafts, games and toys that bring the book and culture to life. These are specially designed to spark curiosity, inspire play, develop further skills and extend learning through hands-on, engaging, and (most importantly!) fun activities.

The generously sized picture books comprise of beautiful, vibrant, vivid and captivating illustrations which engage children and really bring the stories to life. They are a delight to look at! And the toys and activities make for a great addition to each story, or even as standalone, fun products! From stuffed animals and traditional toys, to language cards, recipes and art projects, there's something new to discover for every child!

Living in an increasingly interconnected world, Worldwide Buddies picture books and toys bring little ones closer to the everyday lives of children from all corners of the world, helping them embrace their differences, appreciate the striking similarities that hide under surfaces, and discover the kindness and magic in so many unfamiliar eyes! They nurture their ability for acceptance, tolerance and outside the box thinking.

Creators Evi and Nefeli seek to help children grow into open-minded, culturally aware and curious 21st century adults. Adults that question, explore and embrace, whatever that may be. And they hope that Worldwide Buddies will be one of their very first steps in this journey.

“Books are such a great way to teach empathy - and these are so beautiful too!”