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Colourful bohemian clothing for magical childhoods
Wil + Frida is a dreamy world of summer days and bohemian loveliness for girls aged 0 to 5. This adorably cute collection of dresses, bloomers, skirts, rompers and tops features lots of loose fits, gorgeous fabrics, ruffles and colour. Clothing for freedom, for lazy days, crazy plans, silliness and above all happy children.

The collection is the creation of west coast mama Diana, inspired by the magic of childhood and her beloved grandmother, a woman of great strength and heart of gold. Wilfrida had many talents, but most impactful was her ability to sew and create beautiful clothes for her grandchildren. Now that Diana is mama to her own two beautiful girls, her grandmother’s imprint on her childhood shines brighter than ever as she herself creates gorgeous clothing.

Her collection is handmade in LA from natural materials such as cotton and linen. A number of items in the collection are especially focused on sustainability, made from deadstock fabric which would otherwise be wasted. Wil + Frida searched through hundreds of rolls of leftover fabrics to upcycle into limited edition garments. They recognise that the fashion industry is the second largest offender of waste and are committed to reducing their own environmental footprint.