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Romantic and nostalgic merino wool knits and kits for children aged 0-3 years
Van Beren offer a sweet range of vintage-style and vintage-inspired knits for babies and toddlers, aged 0 to 3 years. Uniquely, this online shop offers handmade crafted items, but also the possibility to buy complete kits to knit yourself!

This Austrian-based brand loves classic design and nostalgia, and offers comfortable clothing designed to last for generations. Theirs are special pieces, items to be loved and passed on, to be treasured and kept for years to come as a reminder of the most special of times.

All knitted items are made of 100% Merino Virgin Wool. You’ll find dresses, booties, jackets, bonnets, blankets, overalls, socks, bodysuits, mittens, pullovers, all available in a small series of beautiful colours and with a strong hint of yesteryear. The collection also includes a sweet little collection of cotton rompers with cute collars for perfect pairing.

Van Beren believe merino wool is the perfect fabric for little ones. Temperature regulating and super soft, it has an antibacterial effect, self-cleans, dries quickly and is flexible, giving the baby and toddler freedom to play and move.

Each item is carefully created for babies and toddlers to be environmentally friendly, pollution-free and produced responsibly. Items are designed to be sustainable – which means that are useful, beautiful and durable – so that they can be passed on – as well as doing no harm to the environment.

Van Beren Knit Kits include all that you need to create one of their sweet pieces, including needles, wool and patterns. You can also buy yarn and needles separately, plus a little range of sweet toys.

“Such sweet designs - how fun that you can knit some yourself too!”


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