Fun additions adding character and inspiration to children’s spaces
tresxics is a Barcelona brand who make cool, fun accessories to decorate children’s spaces. Here you’ll find lots of options to brighten your walls – with shelves, stickers, pegs, coat hooks and more. Designs are fun yet clean, with a certain Nordic charm. They offer practicality in a super cute package that appeals to both young and old. tresxics design and manufacture products that can be endlessly combined to create stimulating environments from small additions. They seek to encourage children's creativity by enabling them to collaborate in the creation of their own world -- and what a good looking one too! We love that their mountain shelves come with a series of trees stickers, that their cloud pegs come with raindrops. So easy – and what a great gift! And their floor game stickers – so clever! All tresxics products are made by local manufacturers ensuring detailed quality control. What's more, they also have to pass the strictest test, that of the tresxics children!