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Original, handmade, classic yet modern wooden baby gifts and room décor
Tree by Kerri Lee is a US brand offering original baby keepsake gifts and room décor. Perfectly balancing modern style with a good dose of nostalgia, each item is handmade in New York. Many products can be personalised, making them an ideal gift as well as a stylish addition to your little one’s space.

You’ll find pieces to love such as music boxes (lots of music boxes!), growth charts, keepsake boxes, nightlights, clocks, garlands, money boxes and many other nursery accessories besides. These are classic items telling of vintage inspiration but sharing a modern result. Designs are just the right amount cute, with products available in a delightful range of colours.

Every piece is handmade in small batches by a team of talented artisans in New York’s Catskill mountains. The products are designed in the same historical building as they are made, and from where they are shipped.

Tree is the creation of designer Kerri Lee-Sensiba, a mum of three and former bioengineer who began designing home accessories at her kitchen table as a creative outlet. She sold her creations at local craft fairs, where her designs quickly became a big success - and the rest is history!

Kerri holds the values of simplicity, beauty and originality in the highest regard and incorporates these traits in every one of her products. “Tree” is a nod to the responsibly harvested wood from which her items are made.

“Personalised baby gifts are the best - and these are cute!”