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Personalised illustrated posters and stunning origami décor touches
Titt-tei is a Norwegian design and paper shop with a series of unique items for your little one’s space. There’s a sweet (yet not too sweet) range of unique illustrated posters, including fun personalised options and a stunning range of décor items featuring ‘origaME’ balls of folded paper.

Titt-tei is the creation of Olga Kovgar, a mama and talented illustrater-designer based near the biggest lake in Norway. Titt-tei is ‘peek a boo’ in Norwegian, which is pretty much sums up the universe Olga feels she’s lived in since her daughter was born -- one where she has the chance to re-experience childhood and enjoy all the magic and wonderful moments it brings!

Titt-tei’s posters and other paper designs are based on Olga’s own hand illustrations, which are combined with typography to create a unique expression of emotions. Her work is inspired by the love of a mum for her child. Her style – simple and neutral, modern and timeless. These posters make a great addition to any nursery or child’s room. You can order a personalised print to include a child’s unique details and birth story – a perfect gift!

Titt-tei also offer origaME, a beautiful décor accessory for a child’s space or any other room in the house. An origami ball consisting of one piece of white paper and wooden beads, origaME are designed, handmade and folded with utmost precision by Olga. Each origaME ball has a unique personalised number and is gorgeous hung on a wall, from a window, placed on a table or a window – you’ll be sure to find a great place for these beauties!