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Beautiful, sophisticated jewellery full of character and inspiration
Little Titlee is a jewellery collection for children designed and handcrafted in France. Every bit as refined and delicate as the adult range, these gorgeous pieces are so very sweet, full of personality and perfect for children, yet they still manage to retain an inherent, perfectly French touch of sophistication. Little Titlee is a world full of playful characters, not only sweet additions to outfits. Bracelets, necklaces, lapel pins and brooches feature adorable clouds, mushrooms, whales, crowns, ghosts, crabs, cars, lighting bolts, fun little people and so much more. Little pieces of inspiration for little imaginations, sparks for fairytales, stories and creativity.
Many of Little Titlee’s pieces include enamel details in beautiful colours, others, delicate gilt. A number of pieces are available in a choice of sizes and some available in adult size too! Titlee regularly collaborate with artists on limited edition collections.
p.s. It almost goes without saying... but don't forget to check out Titlee's wonderful adult range!

“Such gorgeous, gorgeous pieces – and a perfect gift idea (for girls of all ages and boys too!)!”