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Colourful, artistic and tactile garments and accessories for babies and children
The collection at TiA CiBANi KiDS is full of fun, colour and striking design. With options for children from warm coats to twirling skirts, headbands to tunics, leggings, ponchos, socks hats and trousers for girls and boys, ages 2-14, their eye-catching designs bring a smile and wink.

The collection draws from an array of global references, often using clashing textures that combine to form a collage of eclectic harmony. You’ll find metallics, cotton textiles, tulle, and more. Each item is fresh, offering a unique option loved by kids and parents alike.

The first TiA CiBANi KiDS collection was created on a whim, when a long-time friend of designer Tia Cibani asked her to create a new children’s collection using fabric from her namesake women’s line. Tia delved into the world of colour and texture, choosing bright neon dots, colourful couture and crisp fabrics that have become the mainstays of each KiDS collection since.

Based in NY, this brand truly offers something fantastically different.

“Pieces to wow! ”