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Bespoke styled art-pieces showcasing your treasured photographs or child's art
The Little Square Gallery creates bespoke art pieces showcasing your family photographs or child’s artwork.

They are famous for their ‘Little Squares’ collage pieces, for which a series of pictures are copied, beautifully styled with meticulous attention to detail, printed onto little square art prints and arranged to create a stunning individual compilation. Such a great way to display your special photographs or to showcase your child’s, otherwise stored away, treasured drawings or paintings! To exhibit a single picture they also offer the chic 'Single Square’ piece and ‘Gallery Art Print’, each of which offer artistic personalising options.

Contemporary in design, the commissions will complement all interiors, and created from the finest materials will be enjoyed for years to come. They also make a great personalised gift for someone special!

“We will treasure our framed photo galleries for ever! ”

Courtney & Esther

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