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Graphic, unisex, fantastic-fitting pyjamas
The Bright Company is a British sleepwear and bedding brand, famous for their striking, graphic pyjamas and prints. You’ll find bold colours and strong patterns, perfect for free young characters and loved by kids and parents alike. Great news – there is a new addition to the range for 0-9 year olds, Mamas need no longer miss out!!
Not only do these pyjamas look great, but they feel fab and wear superbly too. The entire range is designed and produced in Britain. Design is key, getting the cut just right to avoid that horrid ‘riding-up’ at night or a baggy excess getting in the way of young crawlers. Fabrics are also top of mind, with the strictest safety standards followed to ensure no harmful substances are used in production. We love all this, and the fact that these pyjamas are unisex – perfect for handing down or on! (Oh, and we can’t wait to get some for ourselves!!)