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Teia Education is a Swiss family-run company selling beautiful toys and educational products. Key to the business is selling high-quality products which are safe, sustainable, mostly organic and come at a minimum cost to our environment. Toys that respect traditions and craftsmanship and encourage open ended play and discovery.

At Teia Education you will find original Montessori materials and play items, including reference and parenting books.
There's also a gorgeous selection of open-ended, anthroposophic Waldorf crafting materials and toys, handmade from wood -- helping the child understand how to flow with nature.
You will also find the wonderful range of Froebel play materials, allowing the young child to be led by his own interests and to freely explore them.

Teia Education truly is the one stop destination for parents and/or childhood educators interested in a natural and sustainable upbringing. From educational toys and games to wooden puzzles, creative supplies, school supplies, pretend play items and school furniture -- all products are meant to endure many years of robust usage in any type of prepared educational environment, or home.

“What an amazing collection!”