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Modern toy storage bags that make cleaning up Lego and small toys simple, easy and fun!
Swoop Bags make a cleanup a breeze! Since 2011 this online store has been offering clever, durable storage bags that double as playmats. Your kids can build lego or play with cars to their heart’s content on the toy/playmat, and then - when the time comes - simply grab the drawstring and swoop that clutter up! Hang the bag from a hook and voila! Your toy-free floor awaits (and your bare feet will thank you!)

Choose between the Original Bag (made from 100% cotton canvas), the Super Bag, or the Mini Bag (both made from durable, tough, water-resistant fabric that is guaranteed for life). All come in bold, bright, fun colours and are stylish enough for any room. Each bag has a 6" edge piece to help contain small toys and a clever drawstring mechanism – you can throw the handles over your shoulder and easily cart off the goods (up to 17 pounds in weight!). Swoop Mini Bags are a handy, portable, travel-size bag – ideal for toys, art supplies, snacks and picnics and collections of all sorts – a really simple way to let your kiddos choose their magic selection of random, variously-sized goodies for a journey or holiday!

Swoop bags are the creation of a mum and the story of invention passed through a family! When Sarah’s brother got into Lego, her clever grandmother gave a handmade bag to help contain the mess. When Sarah’s own child hit the same small-block-obsessed stage, her mum remembered this amazing idea and made a version for Sarah. Friends came round and declared the bag the answer to Lego woes and the idea for Swoop Bags was born. Sarah, a graphic designer, reimagined the bags as a modern, high quality, stylish solution designed to last a lifetime, and here we are!

All Swoop Bags are proudly made in Seattle.

“Leave it to a mum to design something so simple, so durable, so innovative as these brilliant Swoop Bags!”