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A timeless collection of soft and comfortable organic clothing
Sweetgood produces the most beautiful feel-good clothing for baby and child. Made from their signature organic cotton double woven gauze, the collection features timeless, ethically made pieces that are just perfect for everyday play.

Leah Bieltvedt, the Californian creative brain behind the brand, spent her childhood summers wandering the Bavarian alps with her German Oma and Opa.

When she became a mother and started sewing clothes for her children, she was looking for a way to combine the poetic, pastoral aesthetic of the Bavarian clothing with the breeze and beauty of Southern California, her home.

From this unique conceptual starting point, Sweetgood was born -- resulting in a gorgeous collection of soft and comfortable pieces, easy to wear and to care for, and with a contemporary air of timelessness. All design and pattern-making are done by Leah herself, and she works with local LA area cutters, sewers and dyers to have the Sweetgood pieces made.

PS do check the Sweetgood ABOUT page, it's so sweet and good!

“Sweet, simple and adorable.”