Luxurious silk sleepwear for ladies and children.
REGION: United Kingdom
Sleepy Wilson pyjamas have been expertly developed to support every aspect of your child’s night time routine. Made from luxurious, lightweight and temperature regulating silk, children's skin can breathe easily and allergy sufferers are more likely to obtain more restful sleep.

The Sleepy Wilson range was created by two (very tired) parents Paula & Tom Wilson, longing for a good night’s sleep. They have been making it their mission to help reluctant dreamers sleep comfortably and peacefully, and designed a stylish line of pyjamas, exclusively printed with stories of caterpillars and butterflies. Who would even want to get dressed in the morning, wearing these beauties?

All too familiar with the environmental climate and how the fashion industry further impacts our habitat globally, Sleepy Wilson produces in a socially and ethically conscious way and only uses biodegradable fabrics. Everyone on the production journey of a Sleepy Wilson piece is paid a fair wage, and quality is key, so your sleepwear can look after you for years to come.

“So stylish!”