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Quality bicycle helmets for your stylish cyclists!
REGION: United Kingdom
Sawako has the ultimate answer to luxury and super stylish helmets for both adults and children alike. Whilst working as an architect and product designer of more than ten years, Sawako has built an incredible catalogue of helmets that have been worn by many high - profile customers such as Pippa Middleton.

As a mother of two, Sawako saw a real gap in the market for design-oriented helmets that both parents and children could be really enthusiastic about. So she decided to create her own Kids’ Helmet that both parties absolutely love!

The Sawako helmet helps you feel capable with a confidence that is not rooted in fear, but based on fashion, style and beauty.

Sawako has heard it before: women who say “I wish I cycled” when they see the helmets and their mission is to inspire you to take the road and give you the option to own it.

“Finally, a stylish helmet for kids and mamas too! ”