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A lovingly created gift store for children...
sarah & bendrix KIDS is a small design studio based in the UK that celebrates all things simple and beautiful. This gorgeous gift store specialises in quality and timeless design for kids. You’ll find a flawless selection of natural wooden toys, from stacking toys to pull–alongs, puzzles, little characters… Every piece is gorgeous and inspiring for little creative minds. Equally sweet are the washable cotton dolls with their embroidery and lovely outfits. You’ll also find a beautiful range of prints, often featuring subtle illustrations, each one a perfect addition for a child’s space. Completing the offer here is a selection of accessories for the home and nursery. Beautiful quilted baby blankets, lovely products for baby’s skin… If you’re looking for a gorgeous gift for a little one you are in a great place! There’s even a selection of lovingly created gift boxes for children of varying ages including newborns. Prepare to be inspired!

“A perfect place to pick up a gift! ”


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Great gifting from Sarah and Bendrix
I'm getting more and more excited about the London ShopUp this week! We have so many amazing brands joining us, I just can't wait to fill that extra suitcase I'm bringing over : )! Sarah & Bendrix is one of the wonderful shops setting up their booth at our great venue, offering a selection of very ...