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European designs in organic cotton for 0 – 10s
risu risu is an organic brand for babies and children aged 0 to 10 years. This collection features classic, European, timeless designs made exclusively from cotton.

Collared shirts, pinafore dresses, classic blouses, straight-legged pantaloons, sweatshirts, pyjamas… Relaxed and comfortable yet just enough ‘smart’, timeless and unconcerned with the latest trends -- styles that have you thinking of Spain, France, Germany… risu risu is in fact, a story of three of these countries. The creation of Camille, a Germany-based French mama of two boys and four girls, risu risu clothing is exclusively made in Spain and France in accordance with the strict GOTS standards, from fabric made and dyed in France.

Camille is passionate about beautiful children’s clothing and passionate about ecology and organic clothing. Her collection offers clothing safe for the newest skin, free of toxins and anything harmful. Offering the healthy choice - organic clothing - is of the highest importance to Camille. Nothing is left to chance so that us parents can feel nothing but goodness about all clothing choices here!