Charming, traditional British soft toy characters
REGION: United Kingdom
RAGTALES offer a delightful range of classic, nostalgic, beautiful soft toys. Perfect for play (not just to look at!) this collection features characters that are full of charm and originality, from classic, weighted teddies with jointed arms and legs to large ragdoll rabbits, knitted first friends for babies to mice and tiny dolls house inhabitants. These are simply gorgeous companions for the first years of childhood and surely a source of endless comfort and play.
The creation of two friends, RAGTALES work with the finest in British design talent and aim to create and draw their inspiration from the heritage of British life. Each one of RAGTALES’ characters starts life as a sketch, drawing inspiration from the quirky, whimsical stories that form part of their childhood. In the transformation of sketch to doll, much attention is given to sourcing the right materials. Every character features a variety of textiles – the softest velours, the chunkiest knits, the prettiest florals – giving these beautiful and quirky characters a unique personality and providing stimulation for tactile and emotional learning. So, so very sweet!

“One look at these gorgeous creatures and I'm imagining idyllic scenes of rainy afternoons spent playing in cosy bedrooms!”