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Clothes with a story to tell
Raconteur Kid is a US clothing and design company born from a deep love of the outdoors and inspired by the imagination and endless curiosity of childhood. A cool and original line of t-shirts and onesies, this is more than just a line of clothing, however. Each item features a unique design and comes with a accompanying "storycard" featuring an original story or poem, as well as an educational component.

The creation of a creative/designer outdoors-loving mama and papa, Raconteur Kid hopes to encourage the raconteur (storyteller) in your little one. Through their fun creations and cool designs they hope to foster the imagination of children - and parents - by creating a shared experience of fun, stories and education.

When Jillian and Luke had their daughter Ava Raconteur Kid began too. What started as a few poems and designs inspired their little family (including dog Cash) quickly grew to have a life of its own and this fun collection is the result. It includes a series of tees for babies from 3 months through to child size 6T. Each has a unique illustration, printed with water-based inks, which can also be purchased as a poster! (And there a few super cool additional poster prints to check out too!).

“I love the spirit of this collection – celebrating life and the outdoors!”