A well curated, colourful collection of toys and home accessories
REGION: Netherlands
PSikhouvanjou is a wonderful gift store that aims to make children happy and smile. And it sure makes these mamas do so as well!
The well-curated, colourful collection of toys and home accessories are absolute eye-catchers, with some of the best brands we know. Then there are the amazing craft supplies, the delightful collection of bags and lunchboxes, the cheery, cute tableware designed by PSikhouvanjou themselves, the perfect range of stylish fun party supplies… There’s so much to choose from!
Mama Coretty chooses the most beautiful things to brighten anyone’s day. Step in this great boutique and you will surely find those perfect presents you were looking for (and probably lots for yourself too!)...

PSikhouvanjou Blog Posts

Pretty stamps from PSikhouvanjou
As a child I always loved stamps, but I remember them as something that belonged to teachers, not really to children. These days, I'm free to play around with stamps as much as I want to and I'm loving it. My inner child released! These pretty stamps are from PSikhouvanjou, and designed by talented designers Ingela ...