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Great accessories for your children when they're out-and-about
Poplico specialises in creating functional out-and-about children's accessories with the highest quality materials. Whether you want to update an old pushchair or customise a new one, the Poplico Reversible Canopies, Seat Liners and Bags are a perfect and easy solution. And not to mention, super cute! Poplico's On-The-Go Foldable Chair, Wipe Clean Bibs and Napkin Clips are part of their new out-and-about feeding range deal for when visiting friends, family or travelling. And for this winter, Their new range offers the warmest protection when your child is out and about. Check out the new super snuggly Footmuff, suitable for any buggy and car seat and the Mum & Toddler Mittens that can be used for when pushing your buggy or for children's scooters.

Poplico Blog Posts

Poplico Reversible Canopies
Our Bugaboo buggy is practically vintage (nearly 7 years old!), but I must say, it has outlasted all our others and is still my favourite buggy we've owned! And now, thanks to a brand new Poplico reversible canopy, it looks as good (if not better) than the day we bought it. The Poplico canopies come ...