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A fuss-free, all-natural alternative to industrial wipes
Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser is an Australian version of the time-tested French staple Liniment Oleo-calcaire. An all-natural, rinse-free bottom cleanser, this is a wonder product that provides the perfect, eco-friendly alternative to single-use wipes. It cleanses, moisturises and leaves a protective barrier all in one. The base of the traditional Liniment Oleo-calcaire is a mix of an oil and Limewater. Petit Kiddo use certified Australian Organic olive oil that moisturises the skin and leaves a protective barrier until the next nappy change. Limewater is a natural antifungal and antiseptic, it fights acidity in urine and balances the skin’s natural pH. Bentonite, an effective and powerful healing clay, helps the two main ingredients bind together and stay stable. Gentle on delicate skin, the cleanser is free of all nasties: parabens, mineral oils, petrochemicals, fragrances and BPA, is cruelty free and vegan. Squirt a little on a cloth or cotton pad and you are all set to deal with the nastiest of nappies!
Why an Aussie version, you might wonder? Well, although Liniment Oleo-calcaire is used daily throughout France in childcare centres, maternity wards and the homes of parents who swear by the product, it’s hard to get hold of further afield! Two Bondi friends, French-born and Australian at heart missed it when they had their first children. When, 10 years and another 4 kids later, it was still not available, they decided they needed to do something about that! Inspired by the traditional French recipe and using the best Australian natural ingredients, they’ve made their perfect mix!
* Petit Kiddo is currently shipping within Australia and to New Zealand only *

“I love to hear of this French classic making it in Bondi! ”