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An endearing, personalised baby quilt with all the fun of a toy paper doll
Paper Doll Blanket is a Californian-based shop offering a unique range of customisable blankets for children. These aren’t just any blankets - what’s unique about this shop is that their items are a keepsake quilt, a doll, and a toy all rolled into one. The sweet blankets feature a large, (fabric) ‘paper doll’ creation in the centre -- a timeless toy that appeals to the inner designer in all of us. They’re a unique mix of the sweet, personal nature of a baby quilt and the fun and interactivity of a toy paper doll!

The blankets are made to order and you can specify what you’d like down to the smallest detail – eye colour, hair colour, hair style, skin tone, fabric background and fabric border. You can create a character in the image of your child – or whomever you or they wish! The blanket comes with one dress and matching hair accessories and has built-in pockets at the bottom to store extra outfits. Outfit changes are easy for kids of all ages and this shop also offers a sweet range of doll clothing to extend the fun!

Paper Doll Blanket is the creation of Glenn Ann, a longtime crafter, creator and seamstress whose unique baby quilts became a trademark gift. Whilst making one of her beloved creations she struck upon the idea of including a paper doll. Together with her sister, Glenn Ann set about bringing this idea to life on another level.

Paper Doll Blankets are designed and produced in California, with each customisable blanket made to order with extreme care and attention to detail. They are crafted from the highest quality cotton fabric felt and hook and loop fabric. Non-customisable Paper Doll Blankets are also available if you’d rather not wait!

“Such an original keepsake gift!”