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Fun, comfy and functional designs featuring nature’s wonder fabric, bamboo
REGION: United Kingdom
Panda and the Sparrow LOVE bamboo – not only is it the fastest growing plant in the world, it also produces fabric with incredible qualities that make it just perfect for kids clothing. We completely agree!

Mums Judith and Amanda heard about bamboo’s amazing properties when they had their children. Bamboo is as soft as cashmere, naturally hypoallergenic, thermo regulating, UV resistant, breathable and absorbent. When they sought it out, they found the process hard and the clothing boring. As fashion industry experts, they took the plunge and set out to change that.

They have created a range of unique clothing, offering you all of bamboo's natural eco credentials together with fun and functional design. Thank you ladies, we love it!

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Bamboo perfection, from Panda and the Sparrow
Bamboo is an amazing recourse -- it is the fastest growing plant in the world (it can grow up to a metre per day without any fertilisers, pesticides or even much water!), and it completely regrows after harvesting -- without the need to replant. Bamboo fabrics have some amazing advantages as well. Not only is ...
Bamboo baby clothing from Panda and the Sparrow
We've moved Marlow out of her cot and into the big bed with Ivy. The girls started sleeping together this summer after Marlow started refusing to sleep in her travel cot, and it was working well so we decided to let them continue once we returned to London. It's funny because I was excited to take the cot down and ...