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Playful products for your home, creative projects for your family!
REGION: France
OMY Design & Play offer a wonderful collection of cheerful, stylish graphic additions for your home, the majority of which make equally fun projects for your children! These clever designs are enjoyable for all ages but especially perfect for children. Famous for their fabulous giant colouring posters, OMY Design & Play have a great range of bold reusable stickers (some glow in the dark!), striking posters, cute paper costumes, perfect washable pens, t-shirts and accessories, as well as a fun collection of other colour-in products including complete party kits and customizable colour-in maps -- so handy and clever!! So many opportunities for creativity and interaction with items in your home! OMY Design & Play create their products with the utmost care for our world. All materials are chosen with quality and respect for the environment in mind.

OMY Design & Play Blog Posts

OMY Colouring poster
There are not many better things to do on a rainy day than some colouring! It has been grey and miserable a lot lately here in Paris, so we have had a couple of weekends where we have spent most of the day in our pyjamas, drinking tea (me!) and crafting. One massive success project ...
Giant Coloring Poster
Here is yet again a product that I am officially buying for the good of my children, but to be honest, I actually also want it myself. It is a 3m (which I believe is 10 ft) long giant colouring poster! Can you imagine pulling this out of your hat one rainy weekend, when everyone is ...