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Smart, classic, soft leather baby and toddler shoes
Ollie Jays is a small British brand offering a collection of classic baby and toddler shoes designed to stylishly support your baby's development and growing feet. The range covers little ones from newborn through pre-crawlers to walking, offering comfortable and developmentally appropriate footwear options.

The collection includes different styles and sole types, but there is a certainly uniformity running through. All Ollie Jays shoes feature stylish designs and all colourways are neutral and sophisticated. These traditional shoes and sandals are easy to combine with wardrobes and are perfect for every occasion – including the most special of days – weddings, birthdays, christenings.

All shoes are handmade from genuine leather and are designed to ensure they stay on! Soft soles support the littlest feet whilst the mixed soft and hard suede sole option gives toddlers (in training) comfort and grip as they explore the world of walking - and running!.

Ollie Jays is the creation of mum Jamie. When her son Oliver was born, Jamie simply could not find the shoes she was looking for in the quality she desired. So, she began designing her own and the rest is history!

“Beautifully classic, at a great price point too!”