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A bag and backpack in one small pouch – for big and small
Notabag is not just a bag, it’s a backpack too and a clever one at that! This multifunctional bag folds up into a small pouch to be carried around when not in use – meaning you can always have the bag you need on hand. This award-winning, German design is an environmentally friendly option perfect for adventurers big and small – there’s a smaller kids version available in addition to the regular sized option.

Fold the bag out of the carry pouch -- which becomes a zipped inside pocket for the important things, pull on the straps and you can swap between a shoulder bag and a backpack at will. Super simple! The design is beautifully clean and uncomplicated and the bags are available in a series of fun colours. They’re made from a mixture of cotton and rip–stop nylon and are machine washable (hurray!). The kid version is suitable from around 6 years and makes a perfect option for everyday, holidays, sport kits, swimming,… Well, for most any occasion really!

Notabag is the creation of Adnan. The story began when Adnan struggled to carry his farmer’s market haul through the busy city on his bike handlebars. He started to envisage what he needed at that moment – a shopper that could be put on the shoulders, and the rest quickly followed. Adnan is driven by the idea that functionally useful products improve our lives. We quite agree – as busy parents we don’t always know what the day holds as we step out of the door – with a Notabag you’re at least prepared to pick up goods along the way!

“I could so use a Notabag in my handbag – perfect for those unscheduled quick grocery store stops on the way home! (And my girls would love one too!)”


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