A handmade baby bed in untreated 100% woolfelt. A stylish basket for life.
REGION: Germany
Nesta’s Nest is a handcrafted, all-natural baby basket made of 100% untreated wood felt with a light beech wood base. A perfect first bed for newborns through their first 10 months, when the little inhabitant outgrows this stylish basket it offers a host of further uses as a wonderful storage solution for your home.

The innate qualities of pure wool and wood provide a natural and safe environment for a young baby. The 100% woolfelt bed basket has an eco-certified wood base, a coconut fibre core mattress and can be supplied with a beautiful beech wood bed stand and a lambskin lining. Handmade in Berlin, these baskets are an eco-friendly and sustainable product carefully created with the health of baby and our planet in mind.

Not only is it safe and cosy, this moses basket is stunning to look at too! Perfect in its simplicity, it comes in a natural grey felt colour and with a choice of contrasting or natural colour stitching.

It’s a perfect fit for any modern family home, even more so because it offers uses to stretch even beyond childhood! It’s an ideal toy storage solution and imaginary play aid, but it’s also a great option for storing really anything you’d like in your home! You’ll always be pleased to lay your eyes on this unique piece.

Nesta’s Nest is the creation of German mama Heidi. Inspired by her search to have an all-natural bed for her first child - and her tiny NYC apartment! - the first nests were created in her Dad’s workshop. Offering an all-natural baby bed with a lifetime of use is a dream realised!

“Wonderfully different, beautifully natural - and functional!”


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