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Stunning stationery for children. Anything worth saying, is better said on paper.
Master Boddington is an impeccable collection of stationery for the discerning child. This Brooklyn shop is bringing back the love to a handwritten note, helping pass the passion to the next generation.

Master Boddington believe teaching children that technology is not the only path to communication will serve them throughout life. It cultivates focus, impeccable manners and a dash of sophistication – it’s a tool to stand out from the crowd. These beautiful and fun pieces aim to encourage a love of writing and sending notes – something a world away from the pressured, drawn-out creation of an obligatory ‘thank you’ note. Children can write to each other (who didn’t want a penfriend as a child!), to Senators, Santa, and of course their doting grandparents!

You’ll find an amazing collection of paper goodies in this world of civility, each as stunning as the next. Correspondence kits, notebooks, pencils, postcards, sticker booklets. Every piece features the most beautiful, unique illustrations that make us feel warm inside. Thank you notes, lunch notes, fill-in-the-blanks cards, special kits for the White House and Santa – so good!

Aiding their mission to bring back civility through the hand-written note, Master Boddington has created the Secret Society of Letter Writers. Welcoming boys and girls from Brooklyn to Tokyo to Moscow to Buenos Aires, the Secret Society honours and protects the hand-written letter. Members receive periodic post from the headquarters regarding important news, secret messages, letter writing projects, pen pals and the club's annual Who's Who. Free to join, the club exists for the amusement of children who love to write. (An invitation is included in each letter writing set, or, you may request one with your order, at no charge!)

We’re rather sure you’ll love this stationery so much you’ll be tempted to, err, borrow… So it’s a good job there is an equally gorgeous collection – of just about everything paper you could wish for – for adults!

“I'm the biggest fan of a a hand-written note and I love this collection!”


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