Taking the stress out of kids’ wardrobes and providing options for minimalist parents
Morton & Mabel is an exclusive e-commerce shop for minimalist parents offering simple, timeless clothing for busy kids. Creating beautiful, effortless options for boys and girls aged 2 to 12, they specialise in unisex, gender-neutral pieces.

Creator Kate was inspired to create her brand when she had her own children to dress. She found herself dissatisfied with the options out there – in between over-stylized pieces and bare basics, she found, well, not much! Amongst the bows, sequins, ribbons, prints and throwaway basics she found few timeless and truly effortless options.

Her solution: to create basic silhouettes with great design, using fine fabrics and leaving a little room for a child's imagination. Designs that minimalist parents (like herself) could love, but children too; ones that can be thrown together and take the stress out of clothing little people. Unfussy styles such as shirt and shift dresses, straight-legged shorts, button jackets, perfect t-shirts, capes, shell tops, wide-legged trousers…

The entire collection is made in the USA – playing a part in the revival of American manufacturing is important to Morton & Mabel. They want you to be able to feel good about where your children's clothes come from, and where they are going too. Timeless designs teamed with exceptional quality give you perfect options for passing on as your child grows – whether to siblings, friends, future generations or others in need.