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Luxury occasion wear worthy of childhood dreams, made from natural materials
London-based Monday’s Child offer traditional dresses and clothing fit for the most special of occasions, to be loved by children and their parents alike. With a collection entirely focused on those most dressed-up, beautiful days, this shop has a wealth of nostalgic options for bridesmaids-to-be and page boys, for ceremonies and all occasions.

Monday’s Child dresses are designed to help little girls to feel like princesses on their special day. Offering a luxurious look and feel, and styles little girls dream of, designs are both whimsical and practical. Items are made by hand from premium natural fabrics and designed to last. This quality, combined with the timeless designs, mean that items are perfect for handing on when outgrown, and set to become heirloom pieces.

Monday’s Child is the creation of Miranda, a designer who has worked in NYC as well as London. Inspired by her love of family and nostalgia, Miranda seeks to create charming looks based on daydreams of what she had always wanted to wear as a child. Her hope, when designing a dress, is that when a little girl wears her creation they will feel as special as they look.

Equally important as the magic of childhood are the values of honesty, sustainability and quality that run through this shop. Every dress is made by hand in London using the finest natural materials, all sourced locally in England for the lowest environmental footprint. Dresses are lined in cotton - good for precious skin and for comfort, as well as the earth. Packaging is multi-purpose and made from of recycled cardboard.

“I love that these dresses come in a mailer box that doubles as a dolls house!”