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Heirloom quality hand knits for babies and toddlers in timeless colors & styles...
We love everything about this brand! At Misha and Puff, they believe in making beautiful, functional pieces to last forever, timeless pieces you'll want to pass on for generations to come. You'll find shawl collar cardigans that work great as a jacket, leggings that can stand alone or go under a snowsuit or dress -- pieces meant to be purchased a little big and worn until they are just a tad too small.
Hand knit in Peru, their wool and cotton is hand-dyed, giving life to beautiful, unique and custom colors. We can't get enough -- the little playsuits, the pointy hats and bonnets, the gorgeous jumpers... oh, we want it all!

“I just love the adorable and cosy knits from Misha and Puff. They are just so stinking cute! Also, the quality is just amazing, and I love that they are knit by hand by talented women in Peru, allowing them to support their families.”


Misha and Puff Blog Posts

Misha and Puff sunsuit
We've raved about Misha and Puff here before... but I just wanted to quickly post about this adorable sunsuit. I bought it for Marlow and I'm pretty sure it's the cutest thing I'ver ever seen in my life. I'm going to make her wear it every single day until it no longer fits her! It ...
Misha and Puff
We are in the middle of a heat wave here in Montreal and I’m thinking to myself “why am I writing about knits, again?” Well, let me tell you a little about Misha and Puff: first I instantly fell in love with the lookbook when it first appeared online a couple of months ago -- ...
18 months, and an adorable Strawberry Sunsuit
I just received this edible little sunsuit for Marlow after pre-ordering it months and months ago, and I am in love!! (both with the baby and the sunsuit).  Oooh 18 months is my most favourite age -- I have always said so. They are still squishy babies, still so snuggly and needy at times, but ...