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Creatively designed European décor for children’s spaces
minifili have a passion for beautiful design, and you can certainly see this in their gorgeous online store. Offering a wide selection of items to add style and fun to your family home, minifili have searched Europe to create a collection full of unique options to decorate children’s spaces, complete with a lovely range of elegant toys too.

This shop offers a great suggestion for many of your décor needs, with bedding, lighting, cushions, storage (lots of baskets!), playmats and much more. For the walls there are stickers, decals, shelving, posters, hooks, hangers, garlands… So many options - and all of them a delight to look at!

There is lots of colour and fun to be found, but also cool monochrome pieces for a balanced space. The modern prints, creative patterns and playfully sophisticated touches can be seamlessly integrated into a contemporary family home, all whilst creating an exciting environment for kids.

This shop is a great place to put together a space with all the individuality you desire - with minimum effort!

“Each and every one a beautiful brand! A great collection! ”