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Chic European clothing and accessories and a playful twist!
Milie et Hector is a UK-based online boutique offering stylish European clothing and accessories for babies, girls and boys aged 0 – 12 years. It’s a boutique with a love for fashion and for story, and one with a unique touch – twice a year Milie et Hector also offer a gorgeous, illustrated children’s storybook which is a delight to read (in English or French) and also happens to showcase the season’s collection - the fictional characters of the book wear some of the adorable clothes available in the shop!

Milie et Hector is the creation of voice-over artist and mother Corinne – it’s a unique place where she can combine her passion for fashion with her love for words, stories and films. Corinne has taken great care in putting together her chic and fun collection of clothes and accessories from primarily French Spanish and Scandinavian brands.

You’ll find great choices for every occasion – from the everyday to ‘Sunday best’, with jumpers and t-shirts, dresses and skirts, baby rompers, coats, blouses and shirts, cardigans, boots and shoes, and so much more…

“I love the book idea! What a fun way to bring a collection to life!”