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Luxury baby/toddler slings in the most gorgeous fabrics
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REGION: United Kingdom
Mezaya Baby is a British brand creating baby slings designed with understated luxury and simplicity in mind. This collection of beautiful slings includes a Limited Edition range of hand-woven artisan silks and the 'Made in the UK' range featuring heritage Linens. The choice of these luxury fabrics makes the Mezaya sling feel more like a garment of clothing than anything - a piece to compliment an outfit, that helps you retain a sense of self AND one that helps you multitask as a parent (how valuable are those free hands!). The fabrics are created by artisans, the colours simply gorgeous and the design, clean and elegant – these slings can take you from the kitchen to errands around town to a wedding!
Each sling is as practical as it is gorgeous. Using 100% aluminium rings, the slings are one size and adjustable, suitable from newborn to toddler (15kg). They are lightweight, breathable and suitable for hot or cool weather, they soften and adapt with wear and they’re machine washable on cool.
Mezaya Baby is the creation of mama Victoria. Following the birth of her daughter Annabelle, the experiences of new motherhood and a long-felt love of textiles inspired her to design her first line of baby slings. 'Babywearing' felt like the happiest and most convenient place for both her and her babe, so she set out to create a beautiful way to do that in style. Wonderful!
P.s. don’t miss the range of doll slings for mini-mamas and papas! For each purchase a portion of the sale goes to buying essential supplies for an orphange near Meyaza’s small community of seamstresses in Thailand.

“Such beautiful fabrics - such a stylish way to carry your babe! (I wish these were around when I had my two!)”