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Beautiful children's photography and family portraits
Maud Fontein is a talented children's photographer and a young mum herself. She creates wonderful and originally styled locations and backdrops, and puts (young) children at ease within seconds.
Maud also has the ability to capture 'those exact right moments' on film -- all in all resulting in natural, beautiful and original children's portraits, family photos and pregnant belly pictures.
Every photo shoot with Maud is just that little bit different!

Maud Fontein Blog Posts

Maud Fontein's Happy Holiday Shoot, again at the ShopUp!
It's becoming a little ritual, my yearly trip to Maud Fontein's studio with my four children. It's always a bit chaotic, because it needs to be done quickly, in between school pick-up and tennis training. Maud is great at making the kids feel at ease though and always captures them looking so cute, making use of clever ...
Maud Fontein Photography
Last week my friend Maud Fontein took some photos of my kids... And I thought she did such a great job! I love the sweet set-up she made, with the trunk and the cloud on the wall -- so simple yet so effective. Maud is amazing with kids (she has two little ones herself) -- ...
Happy Holidays shoot by Maud Fontein (again at the ShopUp!)
Here are my four babies photographed by Maud Fontein for this year's Happy Holidays shoot. They've grown a bit since last year, haven't they? I'm always impressed by how Maud can take such sweet photos of all my kids -- she is so wonderful, makes children so quickly at ease. My kids actually look forward to going ...