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Posters, cards and other goodies filled with original, playful illustrations
REGION: France
Mathilde Cabanas’ online boutique is a little world of fun filled with her wonderful illustrations. Mathilde lets her funky pencils appear all over cards, posters, birthday invitations, lapel pins, stickers, clothing and other happy goodies with gorgeous, unique results.

Her world and work offers fresh, spirited vibes – a great mix of pop and playful influences, positive messages and yummy colours – ready to grace your walls, to bring a smile in the mail or even in person. Mathilde’s native France and little pieces of happiness are recurring themes in the original collection of posters that are as perfect for little people’s spaces as those of big ones.

The luxury greeting cards are made in France from recycled paper. You’ll find a card for every celebration, for all occasions - but also for sending when there is no ‘reason’ at all -- what better way to bring a smile? And you can find the famous, sweet ‘Bisou’ design making its way onto simple yet special baby rompers, tees, jackets and even shoes!

A super cool collection!