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Colourful, vintage-inspired handmade baby and childrens clothes to treasure
MÅNE is a Spanish brand designing comfortable, easy and long-lasting clothes for babies and children, newborn to 8 years. Featuring classic designs, colourful materials and unique touches such as vintage buttons, items are at once unique and familiar. Pieces have a retro feel yet are perfectly created to allow for all the playground fun you could wish.

Sweet rompers, jackets, shirts, dresses, bloomers, skirts, bonnets, sweaters, shoes, there is so much to love! This brand works with a series of artisans to hand-make all items. Each piece is special, MÅNE’s love of detail finds them scouring vintage shops and flea markets in the search for great old buttons just waiting for a new lease of life.

They exclusively use natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen, wood, and mother of pearl. The combination of classic Spanish patterns and Nordic-style fabrics is refreshing. The quality of materials and attention to detail ensures these are items that can be worn repeatedly before being handed on or saved for future generations.

MÅNE is the creation of mama of 3, Angela. Angela’s collections represent her personality perfectly - meticulous, demanding, restless, creative, adventurous and dreamy. Whilst on maternity leave, Angela decided to take the plunge and fully embrace her sentiment that baby and children’s clothes are more than just garments -- they are a source of happiness and excitement, and a way to show love to your children. You can feel the love in these clothes!

“This shop even offers bespoke tailoring - I love the attention to detail!”