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Beautiful, functional children's clothing built to last using natural fibres
luvmother™ is a new Montréal brand that makes beautiful merino clothing for kids aged 0 to 12.
Merino is of course a perfect material for children, what with its temperature regulating and hypoallergenic properties. What’s different about this collection is that luvmother have taken this wonder fabric and have made a lovely collection of casual shapes in beautiful colours. Here you’ll find hoodies, trendy crew sweaters, jogging pants and more. These are shapes your kids will love and they’ll be so cosy!
luvmother™ is the creation of papa of twins, Kevin Peacock. The collection is designed in Canada and made in both Canada & Portugal, with ultimate respect for craftspeople and the environment. These pieces are created from premium, traceable materials, feel good next to skin and have a built in hand-me-down quality.

“We kept those layering pieces in our suitcases all around the world! Perfect for all seasons! ”


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Beautiful, practical merino wool basics from Luvmother
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