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Timeless items with modern patterns and fabrics that look elegant and contemporary.
LUCA & LUCA celebrates the special moments and first little steps that every child takes. Offering a collection of timeless classics, the LUCA & LUCA pieces are sweet and elegant but at the same time feel surprisingly modern and fresh.

Little details like ruffled, Peter Pan or Mao collars adorn simple and minimalistic shapes in fabrics that are either perfectly plain, deliciously patterned or simply striped. It may look obvious, but we know how hard it is to strike the correct balance of sweetness without overdoing it! Here is the perfect combination of classic, casual comfort, for every sort of occasion.

The collection is made with detail and care in Spain, working closely with small family-run businesses who source the finest materials and use age-old techniques to create clothing that is durable and timeless so that it can be passed from one child on to the next, for decades to come.

“The sweetest silhouettes!”