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Kids’ clothing on a mission to inspire - embracing sophisticated colours and design cues
Little Pushkin is a unique, playful collection for boys and girls aged 0 – 10. A fashion brand with some serious global credentials (born in Bangkok, discussed in Tokyo, thought and fought over in Shanghai, designed in Milan, worn and hoorayed by little fans in Moscow!) the mission here is to inspire, free and electrify, to colour the day and please the eye. Little Pushkin believe in ‘never growing up’ – they see the wisdom in little ones, and feel the playfulness in their (big) selves – so why the big divide in clothing? This range features adult colours and some sophisticated style as well as lots of fun and comfort. Plus the highest quality materials, of course! From coats to t-shirts, jeans to dresses, you’ll find bold shapes, clever touches (dresses that can be worn front-to-back or back-to-front), bright colours, stand-out prints. There are no baby blues and pinks to be found, as befits such a fresh brand. Each piece is designed to be loved by the little wearer, to give a sense of art and creation and to inspire.

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Little Pushkin
This summer was wonderful, and we had some great times hanging out with Esther and her family (sadly it feels already sooo far away now).  First in the country, then in the city – I think our kids are now so used to each other that they just all bundle together and get on with ...