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Sweet, limited edition dresses full of fun and colour
The dresses and rompers from LA-based Little Minis are full of cute and colour. Available for lucky girls aged 0 to 6, each one is special, perfect for occasions and the every day, sweet and smart - yet full of fun.

Pattern rules at this shop! The majority of the fabrics used are deadstock; hand-picked, highest quality materials selected for purpose. There are big benefits to this process – there’s the positive environmental impact of using product that would otherwise be wasted instead of using resources to create new materials. And then there is the excellent bonus that all pieces are limited edition due to quantity of the fabric available.

Designs are comfortable and practical, with a dose of vintage inspiration and a high twirl-factor for happy little ladies.

The creation of Kelly Zajfen, Little Minis is a brand that believes in investing in how things are made and the incredible people who are behind each and every piece. Believing in community – and therefore supporting the local business community - design, development and production all take place in California. All pieces are made in Los Angeles, California by a responsible factory.

“Such sweet, playful designs! Super cute.”