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Children's furniture to be loved, designed to stimulate the imagination
REGION: Turkey
Lil’Gaea is a new, unique and innovative collection of children’s furniture from Turkey. Based on the belief that kids have imagination without boundaries, the collection futures a range of “Hero” pieces, each inspired by the simplicity of a cardboard box, and the endless possibilities that blank canvas presents to a child’s fantasy.

The pieces feature subtle, clean lines and graphical forms. Designs are adaptable, colours smooth and light. The playful, yet functional shapes are welcoming and create an environment allowing children to explore their creativity. The careful choice of simple, natural, as well as technologically advanced, materials blend the designs harmoniously. All paints are non-toxic, and the pieces handmade.

Starting a children’s line was a natural progression for designer Pinar Yar. Becoming a Mama, Pinar started designing and producing things for her eldest to use in her room and to play with. She soon found she had many wonderful pieces (as well as a second daughter), and was ready to share!