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Handmade toys & accessories for cool kids and kidults
REGION: Switzerland
leggybuddy® is a Swiss brand creating toys and home accessories made with attention to detail and a lot of love. Each leggybuddy is a timeless classic, both fun for a child and ideal as a contemporary home decoration. The long-legged characters appeal equally to children and adults with their charm, design and impeccable craftsmanship.

Leggybuddies are designed to give comfort and cosiness, to be cuddled or to brighten a space. To “Feel like family“ – and act as a reminder of the warmth of home, close family relationships and grandmas knitting for their grandchildren. In our fast-moving, modern times, Leggybuddy strive to create timeless, sustainable products emphasising and celebrating craftsmanship and the lasting quality of handmade work.

leggybuddy® is the creation of Suzana, a graphic and fashion designer and mother of a little boy, who designs and makes the product samples in her Zurich-based studio. Limited numbers of each design are then hand-crocheted in Europe by highly skilled artists using natural materials like cotton and wool. Each creature is not just filled with personality, but the personlised manufacture ensures each item is truly a one-off.

“My kids love dressing and undressing these beautiful, long-legged animals. ”


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Cute crochet friends from Leggybuddy
Leggybuddy is a Swiss company started by designer Suzanna Pezo Sommerfeld. She's a mother of a little boy and co-owner of a young and very cool looking design agency in Zurich. As if that is not enough to keep someone busy, she recently launched Leggybuddy, a line of adorable hand-crochet animal characters with, as the name implies, beautiful long ...