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Childhood is magic
La Paloma was born of the belief that childhood is magic, natural fibers are better and art will save the world. Our assortment includes simple 100% cotton house dresses that are cozy enough for lounging and pretty enough to be worn all day, ribbed knit cotton sets with 90's style tank tops and cropped wide leg pants, and classic long john style pajama sets in our inimitable artist-created prints (coming soon!). Our pieces are meant for dreaming and playing, traveling and exploring. La Paloma believes in embracing the magic of childhood by providing kids with the pieces they feel best in: simple, beautiful, natural fiber pieces that allow them to rest, recharge and feel like a kid.

Each dress is produced ethically and is super soft and comfortable to wear, yet is durable and timeless enough to pass down from child to child.

“We love the simple shapes and pretty fabrics!”