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Classic designs, hand knit in 100% Alpaca for 0 – 3s
If you’re looking for beautiful knits for babies and toddlers, you’re in the right place! KIOUTE is a line of timeless knitwear for 0 to 3s, entirely hand knit with alpaca wool. Featuring classic designs with lovely detailing throughout, the collection offers such items as cardigans, rompers, booties, bloomers and sweaters, in a considered range of colours. These are pieces your little one will wear and wear, and ones that you can pass on to be enjoyed for generations.

KIOUTE is the creation of London-based, French Justine. Passionate about knitting and in love with fine materials, she’s created the collection of her dreams, designed to be comfortable, durable and to stand up to the needs of active little ones, all whilst allowing mums to enjoy dressing up their little ones in darling pieces made of beautiful materials.

Each piece is knit with 100% Alpaca wool, considered the gold of the Andes and recognised as one of the most luxurious natural fibres. Alpaca, is incredibly soft, thermally insulating, lightweight and solid. Containing no lanolin, it is ideal for young, sensitive skin.

“Such sweet designs in the softest wool!”