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Sweet, French organic leather shoes for baby and toddler
Jolee Môme’s collection of organic leather shoes is as sweet as they come! Available for little ones from birth to 3 years old, these adorable shoes and accessories are 100% made in France by master craftsman.

This brand’s iconic soft-soled bootees are the cutest bunnies for your little one’s feet. Complete with ears (of course!), cleverly stitched faces or super soft furry lambskin outers, they’re divine! All have ankle elastic to keep the shoes snugly on little feet, all whilst offering a perfect amount of space to move.

Alongside being charming and stylish, items are luxurious too. Each piece is organic and free of all toxins, including chromium, phthalate and solvents. Jolee Môme collaborate with some of the most famous French tanneries to ensure the careful curation of the very best leathers.

The leathers used are exclusively tanned animal rawhide and skin of cattle consumed by humans. As such, it is a 100% recycled product that is also 100% recyclable. This brand pays attention to the smallest detail of every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Jolee Môme is the creation of Ophélie, a mother of 2 who worked as a quality manager for one of France’s famous luxury fashion houses for 15 years. When she became a mum she was also galvanised to support a local and responsible economy and to think of the planet the next generation inherits. Inspired by her little loves she has created a responsibly made, quality range of playful products to be loved.

“The cutest bunnies!”