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The ultimate travel gadget for children up to 6/7 years
BedBox® could just be your best friend when it’s time to travel. This innovative product is a child’s hand luggage, ride-on suitcase and –- last but not least - inflight bed/leg-rest (!!) all in one clever package.

It’s the creation of a former aircraft engineer and airline Captain, together with his wife – parents who know the challenges of travel all too well. Thankfully for us, they saw an opportunity to create a product that could, frankly, revolutionise your family travel experiences!

This clever suitcase can be filled with all those essentials for your little one’s journey. Made to comply with hand-luggage dimensions, the cases can be brought on board, meaning your little one can have all they need to hand, relieving the pressure on your own bag. Before you get to the plane, the case can be ridden on through the airport, bringing fun to what can otherwise seem like a chore for little legs.

The real beauty of this product comes in to play once the aircraft is airborne, and the seatbelt-sign has been switched off. At this point you can easily turn the BedBox® into "bedmode" with help of it’s unique lid and washable mattress.

Placed in front of your child’s seat, the BedBox® basically becomes a comfortable, flat seat extension, meaning they can lie out flat, stretching their legs up to the seat in front. So clever!

The bed/leg-rest feature can be used for children all the way up 5 or even 6 years, and the ride-on suitcase aspect can be used from when children are able to sit safely on their own (3?) until approximately 7 years.

“Now this is clever!”