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Stylish fashion selected around four characters: minimal, rocker, chic and colorful.
REGION: Austria
Fourmonkeys' uniqueness lies in the innovative shopping experience, where shoppers can select from four different characters: minimal, rocker, chic and colourful. Just choose the style you would like to shop from and you will find small and big labels intermingle to result in well selected outfits, which are easy to mix and match. Emphasis is put not only on design and aesthetics of the products, but also on sustainability, fairness and comfort.

Fourmonkeys aims to simplify parents' life by making shopping easy, fun and quick -- have a look to see why!

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Hattie the elephant (from Four Monkeys)
When Pim was 2 years old, he pulled over a marble sculpture that my mum had made as our wedding gift and it broke in half. Thankfully we were able to restore it, but -- better safe than sorry -- we now keep our delicate sculptures in storage until our children are bigger. And I've ...