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Classic, modern, and cutting-edge -- full of original finds!
Fawn Shoppe is a NY-based boutique with a unique style and flair. Offering a perfect mix of classic and modern pieces from designers from all over the world, this shop will make it easy to find something original and stylish for your little ones.

Fawn Shoppe seek out all that is soft, pure, thoughtful, whimsical and wearable – it’s no surprise we are huge fans! With a love of clean lines, simple detailing, hand finishing, local production, small runs, natural materials, fair trade and unisex designs, we find the selection here pretty flawless – which is really saying something, especially given the huge selection of brands (over 200!) and products you’ll find.

Fawn Shoppe has all you could need to clothe babies, boys and girls aged 0-12 years; from wool coats to pyjamas, leggings to smart dresses, swimsuits to shoes and so much more besides. And then there are fab picks for mama, for the home, all the fun touches for parties, the most stylish additions for mealtimes with little ones… You name it, you’ll probably find it here in this easy-to-use online shop!

An industry leader for a number of years, Fawn Shoppe keep things fresh each season and are constantly on the lookout for new independent designers from all corners of the world. What can we say - we love this shop!

“So, so many beautiful finds here!”